Red Truck Bakery

The author of Red Truck Bakery has experience in design, which is evident on the pages with such sweets as Kentucky Bourbon Pecan Pie and Double-Chocolate Moonshine Cake. Brian Noyes brings good taste to Southern baking in this spectacular cookbook. His original rural bakery near Washington, D.C., is in an unassuming former Esso gas station. Read the story of his claim to fame, which includes … Continue reading Red Truck Bakery

Orange you glad I posted this?

If you have leftover oranges or clementines, this bejeweled dessert makes a gorgeous alternative to heavier ones… Make a spiced syrup by simmering two cups of red wine, a half-cup of sugar, four juniper berries, two cloves, one cinnamon stick, and the zest of an orange for about an hour or until a bit thickened. Supreme (see my post “The Supreme Grapefruit”) oranges or clementines … Continue reading Orange you glad I posted this?